M/V Sideraki

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28th, Sept
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M/V Sideraki
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M/V Sideraki ex name “Ancash Queen” -Open in Yura Japan 28 September/2 October.

46,673dwt on draft 11.671m,
gt/nt 26,195/15,577 tons
blt nov/2002 at kanasashi, japan, nk class/panama flag loa/beam/depth 182.98/31.0/16.47m, strengthened for heavy cargoes(alternative loading) with holds no.2 and no.4 empty
5 ho/5 ha, grain/bale 59,077.36/58,014.01m3 Cargo hold capacity: Grain(CBM) Bale (CBM) No. 1: 10.518,78 10.236,40 No. 2: 12.438,44 12.223,17 No. 3: 11.829,07 11.631,56 No. 4: 12.785,91 12.569,56 No. 5: 11.505,16 11.353,32
Total: 59.077,36 58.014,01
cranes 30t x 4sets
hatch size no.1 14.4x15.5m no.2-5 20x15.6m
co2 fitted in holds
tpc: 50.53t
speed/consumption:abt 14 knots on abt 29t IFO/day and about 0,5 MDO In port idle: abt 3,5 mt IFO / abt 1 mt MDO In port working: abt 5 mt IFO / abt 1 mt MDO above consumption in good weather conditions upto/incl beaufort force 4 and douglas sea state 3 with no adverse current and no negative influence of swell.
Vsl has option to burn MDO in m/e when maneuvering , while on roads/anchorage, canal and narrow, shallow waters, rivers and in/out of ports/berths.
bunker specifications
ifo (380): rmg 380 iso 8217:2012
mdo: dma iso 8217:2012
(fig all abt wog)

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